About Us

This is another project brought to you by the Tilt-A-Hurl guys.
A.K.A. The Popcorn Guys.
Our motto: “Too stupid to know better.”

Here we will showcase the construction of our latest attraction,

A little background of the concept;
First, credit must be given to the Mad Professor Bucky,
or creating the hugely popular Tilt-A-Hurl featured
at the 2007 Burning Man. This creation took all by surprise
as to it’s attraction to the fairer sex. Somehow, in all of the
design calculations, that aspect never came about. As a good
woman friend of ours put it; “Well Duh! Chicks dig art cars

So the scheming began on the evil twin to Tilt-A-Hurl. So,
how would we top it? Humm, what were the limitations to
More hotties needed per ride, definitely!
More hotties needed per ride!
More hotties needed per ride!
Sorry, got carried away.

So what is another popular hottie attraction outside of BRC?
You guessed it! HOT TUBS!
Hummm, Hot Tubs, Tilt-A-Hurl, Hot Tubs, Tilt-A-Hurl,
Tuh Dah! TUB-A-HURL.

So here is the basic concept.
This machine, as it’s predecessor, will be a Hybrid.
Using a state of the art generator, 36v charger, 3 car batteries,
(4) 36v gear reduction motors, and some sophisticated
electronics, TUB-A-HURL’s drive train should be able to handle the
estimated weight of 2300lb GVW.
It will seat about eight hotties, nice!
Planned accessories include, margarita dispenser, disco ball, sound system
and gazebo that adjusts to atmospheric conditions.

As you can see, we got fairly close to the design concept.